Wiring Parts

Follow the circuit diagram and reference the wired connections. Use 10-wire silicone cover ribbon cable to make bundled connections. 

Wired Parts

The parts all share common ground that is wired into the OLED breakout. Wire lengths are moderately sized to allow top and bottom panels to move around. The OLED display uses a STEMMA QT cable for easily plugging into the breakout.

Wiring FeatherWing Doubler

Voltage and ground connections from the OLED breakout are wired into the 3V and GND pins on the FeatherWing Doubler. The signal connections for the potentiometers and button are wired into the accompanying pins on the FeatherWing Doubler.

USB Extension Cable

A panel mounted microUSB extension cable is used to extend the microUSB port on the Feather M4. This cable includes screws for panel mounting to the back acrylic panel. It has been (optionally) resized using silicone ribbon cable to better fit into the enclosure.

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