FeatherWing Doubler Standoffs

Install the hardware onto the mounting holes on the FeatherWing Doubler.

  • 4x m2.5 x 6mm ff standoff
  • 4x m2.5 x 6mm screw
  • 4x m2.6 x 8mm screw

Secure FeatherWing Doubler to Bottom Panel

Place the FeatherWing Doubler onto the bottom acrylic panel and line up the mounting holes. Insert and fasten screws to secure the FeatherWing Doubler to the bottom acrylic panel.

Feather M4 & MIDI FeatherWing

Insert the Feather M4 and MIDI FeatherWing into the headers of the FeatherWing Doubler. Reference the photo for correct placement.

Panel Mount USB Cable

Place the microUSB cable onto the small hole on the back acrylic panel. Insert and fasten the screws through the panel to secure microUSB cable.

Plug-in USB Cable

Connect the microUSB extension cable to the Feather M4. Double check the orientation of the Feather M4 and MIDI FeatherWing are correct.

Installing Sides

Gather up the acrylic panels to fit into the left and right sides.

Install Acrylic Panels to Side Panels

Lay one of the sides onto your work surface with the slots facing up. Insert the tabs from the acrylic panels into the slots on the left and right sides.

Installed Sides

Carefully fit the second side onto the acrylic panels. Fit the tabs from the acrylic panels into the slots on the side piece. Firmly press pieces together.

Final Build

And there you have it! The parts are wired up and the enclosure is assembled. Plug in a good data USB cable to power up the Feather. Optionally plug in any 3.7v battery from the Adafruit shop to the Feather to go portable. 

This guide was first published on Sep 29, 2020. It was last updated on May 20, 2024.

This page (Final Build) was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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