The diagram below provides a visual reference for wiring of the components. This diagram was created using the software package Fritzing.

Adafruit Library for Fritzing

Use Adafruit's Fritzing parts library to create circuit diagrams for your projects. Download the library or just grab individual parts. Get the library and parts from GitHub - Adafruit Fritzing Parts.

(click diagram for larger views)

Wired Connections

All parts share common ground and voltage. The ground and voltage lines are wired to the 3V and GND pins on the 128x64 OLED breakout.  The 128x64 OLED breakout uses a STEMMA QT cable wired into the Doubler FeatherWing. All of the signals from the potentiometers are wired into the Doubler FeatherWing.

128x64 OLED breakout

  • SDA to SDA
  • SCL to SCL
  • VCC to 3V
  • GND to GND


  • Ground to GND
  • Signal to D5
  • LED anode to 3V (with 220ohm resistor)
  • LED cathode to GND


  • Key to pot A1
  • Mode pot A2
  • Beat pot to A3
  • BPM Slider to A4
  • Modulation to A5


The Adafruit board can be powered via USB or JST using a 3.7v lipo battery.

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