CAD Assembly

The OLED screen, five potentiometers and LED button are panel mounted to the top panel. A microUSB extension cable is panel mounted to the back panel. The doubler FeatherWing is panel mounted to the bottom panel using M2.5 x 6mm long standoffs.

CNC Milling

Manufacturing models were created for each part and feature stock setups using Fusion 360. Tool paths were generated using the tool library from Bantam Tools.


Enclosure Parts Files

The case can optionally be laser cut out of 1/8in thick acrylic. Download the zip file and setup the parts using your preferred software and manufacturing method. Each part is its own SVG file allowing for custom layouts and multi material use.

Decal Files

Additional labels are cut using a vinyl cutter. Vinyl is applied to transfer tape and placed onto acrylic panels. Graphics are included in the SVG zip file.

Design Source File

A STEP file is included and features sketches and solid bodies. The Fusion 360 file features adjustable user parameters and contains tool paths for CNC milling.

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