Panel Mounting Parts

Gather up the parts for paneling mounting to the top acrylic.

Install OLED

Remove the protection film from the display. Insert the screws through the top side of the acrylic. Place the OLED breakout over the acrylic and fit the screws through the mounting holes. Install hex nuts onto the threads of the screws to secure.

  • 4x m2.5 x 10mm screw
  • 4x m2.5 hex but

Install Slider

Remove the tip from the slide by pulling it out of the stem. Place onto the bottom side of the top acrylic panel. Line up the mounting holes and insert the screws to secure.

  • 2x M2 x 8mm flat head screw 
If the screw is metal and too long it could short the ground and signal pins! Be careful, this can affect the functionality of the slider.

Install Potentiometer

Panel mount the 10k potentiometer into the holes in the top acrylic panel. The holes are sized to be 7.2mm in diameter.

Install Potentiometers (continued)

Proceed to panel mount the other potentiometers into the top acrylic panel. Use the washer and hex nut that came with the potentiometer to secure.

Install Button

Remove the hex nut washer from the button. Install the button by mounting it to the bigger hole in the top acrylic panel. Use the hex nut washer to secure to the acrylic panel.

Panel Mounted Parts

Take a moment to check the screws and hex nuts are tight and secure. Install the tip back onto the stem of the slider.

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