Power up the laser harp by plugging a USB cable into the Feather M4 Express. Plug a 1/8" stereo audio cable into the Music Maker FeatherWing's headphone jack. Plug the other end of the audio cable into an amplifier or speaker.

Flip on the lasers and pluck away on the laser harp! You should hear sounds coming out of your connected speaker every time you pass your hand over a time of flight sensor.

You can adjust the CircuitPython code to change the notes, MIDI instrument and maximum height for the time of flight sensors.

Since the Music Maker FeatherWing uses 1/8" audio out, the laser harp can be added to tabletop synth setups easily.

Do not look directly into the lasers! They're low risk, but they could give you an eye ache if you stare right at em!
You will need to use a fog machine to have the actual laser beams be visible - they're decorative and only help you know where to put your hands so feel free to swap out different laser colors or designs if desired.

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