Acrylic and 3D Printed Parts

If you've cut the acrylic using smaller stock, connect the two pieces with the 3D printed connectors and M2.5 screws.

Attach the 3D printed stands to the back of the acrylic using M2.5 screws.

That completes the main acrylic assembly!

Mount the Lasers and ToF Sensors

Line up the laser mount's holes with the holes on the acrylic. Run the laser's wires through the bottom-left hole in the mount and the acrylic. This hole is larger on the acrylic.

Align the 3D printed mount's holes with the acrylic. Run the laser's wires through the larger hole of the 3D printed mount.

Attach the mount and laser to the acrylic using three M2.5 screws and nuts.

Attach the VL53L4CD board to the top of the 3D printed mount using four M2.5 screws and nuts.

Repeat this process for the remaining seven lasers and time of flight sensors.

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