The laser harp may be constructed with a piece of acrylic and some 3D printed parts, described below. The acrylic stand is shaped in an arc with mounting holes for the electronics and 3D printed parts.

The 3D printed parts consist of brackets for the laser mounts and time of flight sensors, stands to prop up the piece of acrylic and fasteners to hold the acrylic stand together if it is being cut from two pieces. All parts print with no supports.

The STL, DXF and SVG files can be downloaded directly here or from Thingiverse.

The acrylic can be cut using manual tools, a CNC or laser cutter. If you're using manual tools, you can cut or print out the files on paper to use as a guide for cutting and drilling.

Files are available to cut the acrylic as one large piece or in half using two smaller pieces of acrylic stock.

One of the 3D printed stands has mounting holes for the FeatherWing Doubler.

You'll print eight brackets, one for each of the lasers and time of flight sensors. The bracket allows the components to attach to the acrylic and for the time of flight sensor to be level with the laser.

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