In the next section, you'll be able to look at six example projects that apply the MIDI knowledge in this guide. You can reference these projects for your own creations.

The first three projects are examples for sending MIDI out:

  • Basic MIDI Keyboard
    • Send MIDI notes with button presses
  • MIDI CC Control with Pots
    • Affect control change messages with potentiometers
  • BLE MIDI Sequencer
    • Send arpeggios to a synth over BLE MIDI. Wireless melodies!

The last three projects are examples for receiving MIDI in:

  • Receive and Display MIDI Messages
    • Using an LCD screen, view the MIDI messages being sent in real-time from a MIDI controller
  • Receive MIDI Over UART and Send Over USB
    • Convert a UART MIDI device to a USB MIDI device
  • Control Motors with MIDI
    • You can control a variety of peripherals with MIDI messages. Motors are common since you can create MIDI-controlled robotic instruments

Prerequisite Guides

If this is your first time using electronics or CircuitPython, you will want to browse these guides first to have a better background when trying out the MIDI example projects.

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