Start by ironing out some fabric to match your glove. Cut four small pieces slightly larger than your fingertips, and iron a small hem on one side.
Put your glove on and establish what spots make contact with the table, then mark those spots with a pencil.

Thread your needle and double the thread over, then tie a knot at the end of the tails.

Stitch through one of your pieces of fabric and affix it to the glove fingertip over the pencil mark with a whip stitch.

Be careful not to stitch the glove finger closed! Check periodically to be sure your stitches only pierce the intended layer.

Stitch halfway around the pocket, tucking the seam allowance in a you go.

Stick the piezo in the pocket, then finish stitching it shut, leaving the wire sticking out towards the back of the hand. Tie off and cut your thread.
Repeat for the other three piezo pockets, and put your glove on to double check they are tapped when you finger drum. We found the best placement was not necessarily on the pad of the finger, for instance the thumb is around to the side and the pinky is across the first knuckle.

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