Small OLED (organic light emitting diode) displays are an easy way to add text and graphics to your project.  These displays have beautifiul high contrast black and white graphics which are perfect for making simple interfaces, displaying sensor readings, creating a retro game, and much more.  Even better you can now use OLED displays with MicroPython!  This guide explores how to use SSD1306-based monochrome OLED displays with MicroPython.

The FeatherWing OLED in particular is a simple way to add an OLED display to a Feather-based board like the Feather HUZZAH ESP8266 or Feather M0.  Simply plug in the the FeatherWing to the Feather board and you're all set to control it from MicroPython.  No need for messy or confusing wiring!

To follow this guide you'll want to be familiar with MicroPython by reading the following guides:

See all the MicroPython guides in the learning system for more information.

In addition check out the OLED breakout guide for more details on OLED displays and the available boards in the shop.

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