Note this guide has been updated to show how to use the PCA9685 with both MicroPython.org and Adafruit CircuitPython firmware. There are small differences between the two so be careful to read and follow the instructions that call out these differences.

Motors make the world spin around, and now you can easily control motors with MicroPython and the PCA9685 DC Motor & Stepper driver!  Simple DC motors can moved forwards and backwards, perfect for moving the wheels on a robot or vehicle.  Stepper motors can precisely move in small increments, like moving the nozzle of a 3D printer up and down with millimeter accuracy.  Using a simple MicroPython library and the PCA9685 DC Motor & Stepper driver board you can drive both DC motors and stepper motors and add movement to any project.

To follow this guide you'll want to be familiar with MicroPython by reading these guides:

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In addition check out these guides on DC and stepper motors:

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