Note this guide has been updated to show how to use the LED backpacks with both MicroPython.org and Adafruit CircuitPython firmware. There are small differences between the two so be careful to read and follow the instructions that call out these differences.

LED backpacks are bright and beautiful LED displays with a built-in controller chip that makes them super easy to use.  These displays come in all sorts of varieties, like matrices that are a grid of LED pixels or segment displays that can show numbers and characters.  Because these displays use LEDs they're bright and easy to read--perfect for showing simple measurements, time, basic graphics, and more.  And now you can use LED backpack displays with MicroPython and a LED backpack MicroPython module!  This guide explores how to use LED matrix, 7-segment, and 14-segment quad alphanumeric displays with MicroPython.

To follow this guide you'll want to be familiar with MicroPython by reading these guides:

See all the MicroPython guides in the learning system for more information.

In addition check out the Adafruit LED Backpack guide for details on all of the LED backpack modules.

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