Note this guide has been updated to show how to use the ILI9341 TFT display with both MicroPython.org and Adafruit CircuitPython firmware. There are small differences between the two so be careful to read and follow the instructions that call out these differences.

Small TFT displays are a great way to add graphics to your projects.  These are like tiny little LCD monitors that you can drive with a simple SPI serial interface.  You can even use these displays in MicroPython using a module from Adafruit!  This module allows you to do basic drawing like putting pixels and filling rectangles on TFT displays like the TFT FeatherWing.  You can start to explore a fun world of MicroPython and graphical TFT displays!

This guide explores how to use ILI9341/ILI9340 TFT displays with MicroPython.  Note that right now drawing support for these displays is limited to basic pixel and rectangle drawing commands.  You'll need to do more advanced drawing like lines, circles, etc. yourself for now!  In the future look forward to more complete graphics libraries that will get you started drawing complex shapes with ease.

Also note the touchscreens commonly found on these small TFT displays are not currently supported by the MicroPython module.  In the future a touchscreen module might be available, but for now these displays are only for viewing graphics.

To follow this guide you'll want to be familiar with MicroPython by reading these guides:

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