Note this guide was written for MicroPython.org firmware and not Adafruit CircuitPython firmware.

Charlieplex displays use a unique wiring structure so many LEDs can be controlled with just a few shared wires.  There are even specialized driver chips like the IS31FL3731 which can control a large number of Charlieplexed LEDs using pulse-width modulation to dim and brighten them at different intensity levels.  Adafruit's Charlieplex FeatherWing and breakout use this driver chip to make a large matrix of tiny LEDs that are super easy to control.  Using a MicroPython IS31FL3731 module you can even control Charlieplex matrices from MicroPython code!  This guide explores how to use the Charlieplex FeatherWing and breakout with MicroPython.

To follow this guide you'll want to be familiar with MicroPython by reading these guides:

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In addition check out the Charlieplex FeatherWing guide or Charlieplex driver guide for details on the Charlieplex display options.

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