The MicroCode web editor is at It requires a browser with WebUSB support.

  • Left, Right, Up, Down moves the cursor
  • the Left and Right keys will wrap around in the editor on the same page
  • the Up key on top of the screen will act as back. It will go back the pages until page 1 is in focus, then pressing up will go back to the start screen.
  • the Down key will wrap around the pages
  • Enter or Space for A button
  • Backspace for B button
  • ] or Page Up to go to the next page, [ or Page Down to go to the previous page
  • Copy the URL to share your program.

Automatic download to micro:bit V2

When the editor does not detect a micro:bit connected to the computer, it will automatically prompt you with instructions on how to connect (requires WebUSB).

Once your micro:bit V2 is paired, the web editor will be able to download your MicroCode program to your micro:bit. This happens on every edit, so your program is always up-to-date (and running)!

If your micro:bit disconnects, you will see a micro:bit icon show up on the upper left corner of the editor. Click on that button to reconnect again.


MicroCode has a lot of accessibility goodness:

  • fully keyboard enabled, and switch panel friendly. Only 3 keys are need to use MicroCode.
  • tooltip read aloud and screen reader support
  • game console support (XBox, ...)

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