Building the Puppet Body

Step 1: Build a cardboard puppet like the one shown in the photo or create your own! Use the paper fasteners to make joints. 

Servo Mounting System

Step 2: Build a mounting system to attach the puppet to the servo with skewers and cardboard. 

I used a magnet to attach the puppet to the servo mounting system because magnets are awesome, but you can also use glue, tape, velcro, or a variety of other adhesives!

Back view of Puppet Stand

Step 3: Build a stand for the puppet:

- On an approx. 6 in. x 12 in. cardboard sheet, measure, mark, and cut a hole for the servo body so that the arms of the servo rest against the front of the cardboard sheet.

- Cut two triangles out of cardboard and glue them on the back of the stand so that the stand, well, stands upright!

- Cut a hole for the Micro:Bit wires to thread through and add two pushpins on the front to hold the Micro:Bit.


Advanced Micro:Bit Mounting System

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