Plug your servo motor into the Crickit Servo block on position 1, such that the lightest color (yellow most likely) faces away from the Crickit and the darkest color (brown or black) wire is closest to the center of the Crickit board.

Wire your NeoPixel strip to the NeoPixel block on Crickit with the black ground wire to GND, the red power wire to 5V and the white signal wire from the Crickit arrow terminal in the middle to the strip Din (Data In) pin. You'll need to strip the ends of the wires if they are not already exposed. Open each terminal block slot using a small screwdriver (the screw does not come out), insert the wire, and then tighten for a snug fit.

Plug the micro:bit you programmed as receiver into the Crickit. Note the text on the Crickit circled in blue - the micro:bit LED matrix should face that text when plugged in. Unfortunately the micro:bit can be plugged in the wrong way. Check twice the LEDs face the way the text indicates.

Put the AAA batteries in the battery pack and plug the battery pack into the transmitter micro:bit. You can press buttons A and B to ensure it is working as the display will light up A or B when the buttons are pressed. If it does not work, be sure the programming was done using the Transmitter Code page.

Plug the wall power transformer into the wall and into the Crickit black power jack. Be sure the on/off switch, circled in yellow, is set to on. A small green LED near the servo connections will light up if the board is happy. The servo may twitch, that is good.

Now we're ready to try it out.


If your servos don't work, try testing your Crickit and servo with the simple programs in the guide Make it Move with Crickit. If they work there, then there is an issue elsewhere in your build.

If the simple case fails to have your servo work, check:

  1. Wiring: to be sure you have the connections right. Non-Adafruit servos may have different connectors and wire colors.
  2. Power: motors are power hungry. Be sure the Crickit is connected to a power source that can supply the voltage and current the servo(s) need. Also if you have multiple motors or other power hungry items like NeoPixels, size your power supply appropriately. See this guide for NeoPixel power tips.
  3. USB: If you have Crickit connected to USB, ensure it's via a known good USB cable which has both power and data lines. Power only USB cables should be avoided.

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