Practice makes perfect when it comes to learning a musical instrument -- and sometimes you need a metronome to really drive home the tempo. In this project you'll learn how to make a metronome using the CLUE board and CircuitPython.

As a bonus, you can 3D print a classic metronome style stand for your CLUE!


These are the parts you'll need:

Animated GIF showing CLUE board  displaying data from the many on-board sensors.
Do you feel like you just don't have a CLUE? Well, we can help with that - get a CLUE here at Adafruit by picking up this sensor-packed development board. We wanted to build some...
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Angled shot of coiled USB-A to USB-B cable.
This here is your standard A-B USB cable, for USB 1.1 or 2.0. Perfect for connecting a PC to your Arduino, USBtinyISP (among other things).3 feet / 1 meter long
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Pack of 4 Little Rubber Bumper Feet
Keep your electronics from going barefoot, give them little rubber feet! These small sticky bumpers are our favorite accessory for any electronic kit or device. They are sticky, but...
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Looking for a PyBadge metronome? Check this one out:

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