You can use your Metro Minimalist Clock as is, on the breadboard. Or, for a slightly more permanent look, go ahead and solder it onto a Perma Proto breadboard, using the same wiring pattern as before. You can get really minimal and creative with your design by doing a bit of "dead bug" soldering with a couple of strips of female header as seen here.

All of the same connections are being made as before on the breadboard, only now the relevant pins of the female header strips are connected to each other with short lengths of thin wire.

Display Stand

I decided to reuse a short length of hardwood flooring as a display for my Metro Minimalist Clock. This video shows the process, which involved measuring and drilling holes, screwing the electronics in place with 2.5mm nylon standoffs, and gluing on a small stand.

In the end, I decided to cover the raw display with a small piece of purple gel filter -- this helps increase the contrast of the lit segments vs. the unlit ones. Plus, purple is pretty.

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