If you would like to make the metal powder yourself, the first thing you will need to do is find a flat service to work on outdoors or in a garage. The fine metal dust created during the process is very bad for your lungs, so you want to do this in a place where the least amount people will be exposed to the dust.

Make sure to wear a dust mask during this process! Aluminum dust is very harmful to your lungs!

After you have a workspace cleared off, plug in your coffee grinder and set it on a sheet of paper. The piece of paper will allow you to easily collect the dust you create later.

Rip off a one foot section of the aluminum foil, and fill the cup of the coffee grinder with very small pieces of aluminum foil from the one foot section. You do not need to add the entire one foot section right now, so please be careful not to overfill the grinder.

Put the lid on the grinder and start grinding the aluminum foil. Shake the grinder a bit while grinding to make sure the foil doesn't get stuck below the blades. If you feel the grinder getting hot, stop for a few minutes to let it cool down.

Once you get the first batch of foil ground down to about the consistency of coffee, add another batch of small foil pieces to the mix. Repeat this process until the entire one foot section of foil is in the coffee grinder.

The final bit of grinding will take about 10-15 minutes. Make sure to open the coffee grinder every few minutes to expose the aluminum to air. There is a chance you could cause the fine aluminum dust to ignite if you grind for 15 minutes straight.

In finely divided powder or dust form, aluminum and its alloys are combustible in air and present a serious combustion explosion hazard. Make sure you work in a well ventilated area.

You should stop grinding once you get the foil ground to about the consistency of a fine crystal sugar. You could attempt to grind more, but there is a chance the CA glue will not be able to flow through the fine particles.

You can now dump out the powder on to the sheet of paper, and close the lid of the coffee grinder. Make sure to label the grinder so no one attempts to use the grinder for grinding coffee!

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