Trinket Ground Extension


The Trinket only has one ground pin. Add more grounds with the help of a flex perma-proto.


Cut a piece with four connections on a continuous rail to fit the three ground connections need for each component.

Take a moment to review the components in the circuit diagram. This illustration is meant for referencing wired connections - The length of wire, position and size of components are not exact. 


The NeoPixel Ring will connect to Trinket M0. Measure 90mm of wire for power, ground and data in.
Data IN connects to pin 1 on the Trinket
Ground connects to GND on the Trinket
5v connects to USB on the Trinket


The Rotary Encoder connects to the Trinket with 80mm long wires for all of it's connections. 

Three pin side:

Middle connects to ground on the Trinket
Top pin connects to pin 3 on the Trinket
Bottom pin connects to pin 4 on the Trinket


Two pin side:

Top pin connects to GND on the Trinket
pin connects to pin 2 on the Trinket




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