Let's start with the Newsfeed. To me, this is the most interesting because I really like seeing the new products that are coming from each chip manufacturer.

Personally, I like to subscribe to their RSS feeds, or in this case, I subscribe to the Newsfeed. There's videos you can play within the app that demo the latest eval boards, the latest chipsets, and there's a lovely design engineer who will take you through the process. I also like that there are closed captions on these, that's pretty cool!

There's also new app notes to read. App notes are a really good way to get a sense of how to use the part in the most efficient way. Maxim does a lot of medical, wearable, low-power electronics. For example, on the Newsfeed while writing this guide, there's an app note about quiescent current in buck and boost converters. The feature part for this app note is the MAX17222 which is a nice little boost regulator because it can go down as low as 400mV input - you can run it off of a more-than-dead AAA battery!

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