This MAX17222 seems quite interesting and I'd like to learn more! Click the diagram and it actually takes you to the Maxim website where you can download the datasheet, and at the specs in more detail: what the pinouts are, and voltage in, and current supply, and quiescent current, etc. There's also design simulators to verify before you start soldering

You can subscribe for more information on updates when this part has news, and for that you have to login. That way, when there's an update to the product you will be notified when there's new datasheet updates. You can also order components directly from this page or get up to 4 pcs samples ordered.

For beginner engineers who don't know this, Maxim is great about sending free samples of chips. If you see a chip and think "I might want to use this," just get the sample now, because it's free!

Maxim will ship it to you in a couple of days. You can get up to four pieces of each sample. And then when you're ready to use it in your design you don't have to dig around and try to find out how to get the part, especially if it's out of stock somewhere. So I always recommend to engineers, sample as much as you want. (I did when I was a student and I saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars!)

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