One more thing, I want to show you the cross-references. This is kind of handy: sometimes I want a part that's similar to another part but maybe that part is discontinued, or I want something with different specifications or pricing!

So let's say that I want a Maxim ADC and I'm used to using the TI ADS series of ADCs. Open up the Cross Reference menu and you can type in part of a part number. You don't need to type out the full part number, just the first 5 digits.

The apps will search it's database and give you a few options. So if you're using the ADS1146, you might be interested in the Maxim 1415 for example.

People who watch Desk of Ladyada know I say "Always get multiple sources for your components so if something happens to your supplier, or it's unavailable, or the lead time is really long, you have an alternative." This is a good tool for that!

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