Connecting the SCD-30 sensor to the Matrix Portal is easy thanks to the STEMMA QT connector system.

Pretty simple. Use the STEMMA QT cable to connect the SCD-30 to the Matrix Portal.

Where to actually place the SCD-30 is sort of up to you and your specific setup. However, you'll want to put  a little thought into it to make sure the sensor is properly exposed to the ambient air conditions. Sensirion actually has a document with some guidelines you can read below:

For example, make sure the sensor isn't exposed to direct sunlight. They also have a nice diagram to illustrate suggested placement within an enclosure:

There's also information related to self heating and use in a moving air duct. So give that document a read to help determine where and how best to locate the SCD-30.

CircuitPython Usage

If you want more in depth coverage of using the SCD-30 sensor in CircuitPython, checkout the main guide for the sensor below:

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