Say "Thank You" in a fun and interactive way with this money-sensing tip jar. Whenever someone drops in a tip, the LED matrix at the back of the jar will reward them with a fun animation and some heartfelt gratitude. 

This is a fairly easy build, using an upcycled snack jar to collect your bountiful tips and powered by a Matrix Portal M4 board plugged into the RGB matrix of your choice. Use our premade images or upload your own animations to make a custom "thank you" message for your most generous customers. 

Difficulty Level

This is a beginner project that doesn't require any soldering - you just need a screwdriver, some cutting tools, and some strong tape. I've also included an option that uses soldered headers for a slightly more secure build.

Materials Needed

A plastic jar with a lid, large enough to hold ALL the tips.

Video of a person rotating an LED matrix panel with animation resembling falling colored sand.
Folks love our wide selection of RGB matrices and accessories, for making custom colorful LED displays... and our RGB Matrix Shields...
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1 x USB C Cable
USB C to USB C Cable - USB 3.1 Gen 4 with E-Mark - 1 meter long

Choose the RGB Matrix size that best fits your jar. You can see all the different sizes here. I used the 4mm pitch 64x32 size.

Vide of assembled and powered on 64x32 RGB LED Matrix Panel - 4mm pitch. The matrix displays "Black Lives Matter" alongside the Raised Fist.
Bring a little bit of Times Square into your home with this sweet 64 x 32 square RGB LED matrix panel. These panels are normally used to make video walls, here in New York we see them...
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You'll also need a Time of Flight sensor. This is a very cool little sensor that uses a laser to detect proximity, and works within a really tiny range of a few millimeters.

Be sure to get one of the suggested cables to attach it to your Matrix Portal as well. Check out the "Add the Sensor" page for more details.

Video of a white hand hovering over a Adafruit VL6180X Time of Flight Distance Ranging Sensor thats connected to a white breadboard reading the range of motion of the white hand.
The VL6180X (sometimes called the VL6180) is a Time of Flight distance sensor like no other you've used! The sensor contains a very tiny laser...
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1 x STEMMA Cable
STEMMA QT / Qwiic JST SH 4-pin Cable - 100mm Long


1 x STEMMA to Male Header Cable
STEMMA QT / Qwiic JST SH 4-pin to Premium Male Headers Cable - 150mm Long
1 x Female Headers
Header Kit for Feather - 12-pin and 16-pin Female Header Set

Tools Needed

  • Goo-gone or other solvent to remove any labels
  • Box knife, rotary tool or saw to cut the plastic jar
  • Rotary tool or heat tool to cut the lid
  • Soldering iron if you're using the header-attachment method for the sensor (not needed if you're using the STEMMA plug-in cable)
  • Gaffer's tape or other strong tape
  • LED diffusion panel (optional)

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