Prep Bonnet 


First we'll need to add a jumper to connect two pins and then bridge two pads to enable the RGB Matrix Bonnet to work with the 64x64 LED Matrix.



We'll start by measuring a wire 30mm long. Tin and solder pin 4 to pin 18. Carefully bend the wire and move it away from the headers on the Bonnet.


Bridge Pad


Next we need to turn the Matrix Bonnet over and locate the three solder pads. Tin the middle pad "E" and the "8" pad. Now heat up one of the pads and drag solder over to the next pad to bridge the two connections.  

Solder LIS3DH


The accelerometer is solder to the Bonnet. Measure four wires 80mm long to connect 5v, GND, SDA, and SLC on the Bonnet and LIS3DH .


We used heat shrink to keep the wires organized. 



Now we'll need to measure wires for power and ground to connect the Pi and Bonnet. Cut wires 150mm long so it can reach the barrel on the Bonnet.


Slide Switch


To power the circuit on and off, we'll add a slide switch on the GND and EN pin on the PowerBoost.

DC Plug


Power and ground connect to the DC plug by tightening the terminal screws. 

Board Frame


With all of the boards soldered we can move on to mounting them to the LED-boards part.


Use M2.5mmx5mm long screws to mount the boards to each standoff on the part.

Matrix Cables


Now we can move on to the LED Matrix! Connect the red ribbon cable and the power and ground wire plug as shown on the picture. 

Matrix Handles 


To attach the handles, we'll use the M3 thumb screws included with the LED Matrix. Align the handles so the button holes both align with the Matrix.


Secure by inserting the thumb screws into the counter sink holes and tighten. You can use pliers to ensure the handles are securely attached.



Attach boards frame


Position the boards to align with the mounting holes on the LED Matrix. Use M3x5mm long screws to secure the boards onto the LED Matrix.


Note that the PowerBoost will cover one of the mounting holes, so we'll need to secure that one screw on the Matrix frame and then fasten the PowerBoost back on.

Battery frame


Mount the 6600mAh battery to the LED-bat part. Align it so the cable is positioned on the inside of the battery frame as shown in the picture.


Turn the two over and use a zip tie or twisty ties to secure the battery to the frame. Pass the ties through the two slits on the battery frame to tightly secure the battery to the frame.


Mount Battery frame


Use M3x5mm long screws to secure the battery frame to the LED Matrix. Align the mount as shown and fasten each screw to attach the part to the matrix.



To easily connect and disconnect the buttons, we'll use quick connects. First start by measuring wires for the reset button.  The Reset Button will connect to Pin 19 on the Bonnet and will need to be 110mm long. The GND wire will need to be 95mm long.


The Mode button will connect to Pin 25 on the Bonnet, and will need to 130mm long. GND will need to be 160mm long. 

Mount buttons 


The two buttons mount inside the cutouts on the handles. Push each button through to snap fit them on to the handles. 

Solder Buttons


Next we'll solder the buttons to the GPIOs on the Bonnet. Tin and solder connects for Pin 19 and Pin 25.




To make it easy, we'll solder the two ground connections to the slide switch leg connected to GND on the PowerBoost.

Thread Button wires


Finally we can thread our button wires through the LED frame and connect them to each button.


Connect Battery


All thats left is to plug the battery into the JST connection on the PowerBoost and flip on the switch!

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