After the sanding dust has settled, set your hunk of tree upside down on a soft surface like a table covered with a blanket.

Arrange the hairpin legs in your desired stable orientation. I chose to use only three legs because I knew it would be challenging to eliminate wobble due to the more uneven underside surface of the wood. A tripod never wobbles!

I was not concerned with making the table perfectly level-- if you are, you'll have to plane and/or sand the underside first to make it flat!

Mark the position of the mounting holes with a pencil.

Drill holes to match the recommended pilot size of your screws. You can use a piece of tape on the drill bit to limit the depth of each hole (and helps prevent you from accidentally drilling all the way through).

Sweep off the surface and finish using polyurethane. This water barrier will help prevent the table from swelling unevenly in humid weather, since the raw wood would absorb moisture while the epoxy top would not.

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