Arrange your hairpin legs on a protected work surface.

Unless you bought them finished, your steel legs will still be grimy from production. Steel has traces of oil and welding dust that can be removed withrubbing alcohol.


Pro tip! You can also use solder paste stencil wipes if you happen to work in an electronics factory.


Keep wiping them down until the cloth is clean to be sure you removed all the dirt and oil.

Use a foam brush to apply Liquin oil paint coating on the newly-cleaned legs. Coat all surfaces and allow to dry for 24 hours.

Attach the legs to the table using #10 panhead lag screws and the holes you drilled earlier.

Whoo-hoo, it's almost a table! Carefully flip it right side up and look at it, isn't it pretty? But don't put anything on it. Especially not beverages. Any stains the wood gets now could be emphasized by the epoxy finish. Cover the table with plastic if you can't epoxy it right away.

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