Let's take inventory of the tools you'll need for this guide.
  • hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • wire cutters
  • screw driver
  • soldering iron and solder

And materials...
  • Arduino UNO R3
  • PWM / Servo Shield
  • 2x stacking shield headers
  • 1x micro servo
  • 2x continuous rotation servo
  • #10 o-rings
  • 2x LED matrix w/I2C backpack
  • 1x NeoPixel Stick
  • RF receiver (momentary)
  • RF 4-button transmitter
  • 5v 2A power supply (for testing on your desktop)
  • 2X 9v batteries (when you're ready to go wireless)
  • 2X 9v battery clips
  • Female DC power adapter
  • Hook-up wire
With regard to the servos, this design was crafted around the dimensions of the popular and inexpensive Hextronik HXT900.

We've modified a set of these for continuous rotation using this guide...

Modifying Servos for Continuous Rotation

Let's put the pieces together!

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