The feet are symmetrical. Align the small hole in the ankle plate with a hole in the foot and give it some hot-glue. Flip your other ankle plate over, align, and glue.

Hmm... you could swap out the fancy 3D printed foot with a block of wood!
Yep, that's a servo mount in the foot. We'll cover adding that in a later guide.
Wrap o-rings around the tiny wheels.
And screw the wheels to the foot... taking care to drive slowly.
Give the wheels a friction test - they should float freely on the axle.
Remember the notches in the legs from earlier? As you screw the foot to the leg, it will prevent the screw from pushing the leg out of the socket.
Take it slow when screwing the foot to the leg. You may want to tap the hole or gently warm the plastic to prevent cracking from stress.

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