Assembly of the body is very similar to the head... panels should be oriented as pictured!
Add hot-glue to the edges of the panels where they meet and on the inside corner.
You can use binder clips to prevent panels from separating while adhesive dries / cools.
These strange looking round parts provide a socket for the leg and a ridge for us to wrap paper around. Align the holes before you make placement permanent.
The arm is mounted to the body with a press-fit connector. Some of these parts might require a little trimming or sanding to get them to fit just-right.
Note the tiny guide-wire holes on the body? They should be on the same side as the holes in the arm if you want to animate the arms with servos.
Servos have a tendency of wiggling loose... which is what this servo horn adapter in the neck is all about.

Align it in the neck hole.
And make it permanent with a healthy helping of hot-glue on the interior of the body. Don't put any hot-glue in the hole on the side that attaches to the head. A servo is going to occupy that space.
We'll need to trim the servo horn down a bit.
Eye protection is always a good idea when trimming small nylon / plastic parts.
And... make it permanent.
Next stop... knees-ville.

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