Mu Editor

The Mu editor works really well with the PyPortal and it is the recommended choice for editing CircuitPython code.

Updating Your PyPortal

This project was setup and tested using CircuitPython version 5 or higher. You will want to update your PyPortal and Libraries to match the version you are using.

There are separate CircuitPython versions for PyPortal, Pyportal Titano, and PyPortal Pynt. Use the version specific to your board.

Use the blue button to see if you need to install or update the CircuitPython installation for your display.

CircuitPython Library Installation

Next you'll need to install the necessary libraries to use the hardware--carefully follow the steps to find and install these libraries from Adafruit's CircuitPython library bundle matching your version of CircuitPython. PyPortal requires at least CircuitPython version 5.

CircuitPython Library files used in this tutorial

Plug your PyPortal into your computer via a known, good USB data + power cable (not the kind that comes with USB battery packs, those are power only). A new flash drive should show up in your computer's file explorer/finder named CIRCUITPY. If it's not there, check your cable and that you installed CircuitPython correctly earlier.

The following libraries are used here. Copy the corresponding file from the library bundle to your CIRCUITPY drive in a subdirectory named lib. Create this subdirectory, if necessary, then copy these files/directories:

  • adafruit_adt7410.mpy
  • adafruit_bitmap_font
  • adafruit_bus_device
  • adafruit_button.mpy
  • adafruit_display_shapes
  • adafruit_display_text
  • adafruit_esp32spi
  • adafruit_io
  • adafruit_pyportal.mpy
  • adafruit_register
  • adafruit_requests.mpy
  • adafruit_touchscreen.mpy
  • neopixel.mpy

Before continuing make sure your board's lib folder has the following files and folders copied over. Note that the non-library files will be retrieved in the page called "The Full Code".


This guide was first published on Feb 10, 2020. It was last updated on May 19, 2024.

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