Above you can see the code loaded onto two MakeCode Arcade compatible devices, an Adafruit PyBadge and an Adafruit PyGamer (enclosed in the Adafruit acrylic case).

Lanyard Connections

Lanyards with dial clips may mount onto the top holes of the Adafruit PyBadge and PyPortal / PyPortal LC devices (the holes are circled in red below).

Adafruit sells two compatible lanyards, one in black and one with Circuit Playground characters on it. Similar lanyards are available from other sellers or perhaps a custom lanyard could be procured for an event by a third party seller.

Portable Power

Both devices have the capability to use a small LiPo rechargeable battery. If you want to make your badge portable, install a battery on the rear and plug it into the indicated JST connector. (circled in purple above). See the PyBadge or PyGamer pages for the exact model to use.

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