Changing the Text

Notice the project earlier left out the "Hello, my name is" part. Part of this was for time and part to avoid additional work. You can add it if you like as follows:

Starting after the page Adding Your Name where you use the background image editor.

Select the color White and the appropriate pencil size above the pencil icon. Then click the pencil tool.

Carefully edit in, above the white rectangle, the text you want, like "Hello my name is". It will not be easy to see with the hatch background though. You might consider using a color other than white. Then if you want white, use the bucket fill to carefully fill the letters in with black (tricky).

Additionally, you can use the editor to change the name on the badge. Feel free to save multiple copies of your badge in different files for easy switching.

Changing the Colors

In the set background color box step, feel free to use a different color. You can experiment using the simulator to see what affects your changes have.

In the set background image step, you can draw anything you like.

Have fun customizing your badge.

More advanced badge making

The badge on the front page was actually made in a different tutorial (sorry about that).

The tutorial PyBadge Conference Badge with Unicode Fonts uses the CircuitPython programming language to automate much of what we did in the drawing tool by hand. This is at the expense of more complexity in use.

Actually it is not difficult to select your choices and upload to CircuitPython. Feel free to explore doing this.

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