Cut Shapes 


Download and cut the parts out with scissors or use a cutting machine. The svg files are arranged in layers, so its easy to set up!  

Peel Parts 


We used white card stock as the outline. Chip board or cardboard is used a the backing. This will give us a sturdy support structure to hold the micro servo.

Assemble layers 


Lay the cardboard / chipboard on a flat surface. We used a stick of glue to adhere the white card stock over the chipboard and then adhered the red parts on top. Make sure to add enough glue to the corners to prevent them from lifting. 

Prep Arm 


We designed the waving arm as part of the body to limit the amount of small pieces we need to cut. So, we'll need to detach it off the body after the glue dries.


Use sharp scissors to cut along the shape of Makey's body.  





Build paper standoffs

Cut 10mm x 50mm strip of cardboard / chipboard. Use an accordian fold, simple zigzag folds, make the fold about 7-8mm in width.

Next we'll need to and holes to our standoffs. Use the servos included M2 screws to carefully drill a hole on the folded chipboard. 

Glue Standoffs 


We used super glue to adhere our standoffs to the backside of Makey. 


First align the arm and mark were the servo will pivot the arm for optimal wave action.


While we wait for the standoffs to dry, we'll continue with attaching the servo horn to the arm. 




Arm Servo Horn 

We can use the included screws to attach the servo horn. Mark the two mounting holes by pressing into the cardboard.

Next, we'll cut another strip of chipboard / cardboard 10mm x 30mm long, accordion fold, and then super glue these stand off on the marked spot on the arm.

Allow the glue to dry before mounting the servo horn.

Body stand 


To support Makey's body and servo, we'll need to build a stand to hold it up. 


Cut a triangle piece that measures about 100mm x 70mm x 110mm long. Fold the 70mm portion to 10mm and then add drops of glue.


Attach the folded part of the support to the leg opposite of the servo standoff. 

Mount Servo 


Make sure the standoffs are dry before attaching the servo. We can use M2x8mm long screws to mount the servo. 


Position the servo so the gear is pointing toward the front of Makey. Fasten the screw until the servo a tight against Makey's body.


Stand the Makey and test the body support can hold the up the body with the servo attached. If Makey flops over, add a slight slope to the bottom part of the triangle.  





Box assemble

Cut out the box design and assemble the folds. The Circuit Playground Express mounts to the top of the box with four  M3 x 6mm Screws and M3 brass male-female standoffs. The battery sits inside the box with the wires routing through the port on the side. 


Circuit Playground Express 

We used alligator clips to connect the pins but soldering would be fine. You can rout the wires for the CircuitPlayground Express through the center of the mounting holes for the Circuit playground Express.

Attach Arm 


Attach the servo horn and test the close position. Adjust the horn to get the waving at the right position. 


If the body move while waving, check the stand support and make adjustments to the fold.

That's it!


You can adjust the code to activate when any of the other sensors are triggered or even automate it!

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