There are plenty of ways to share games with your friends, family and anyone else who you think might enjoy something you've created!

Let's quickly go over a few of your options.

Online page

Click on the Share button and follow the steps to upload a version of your game online. It will generate a URL for you.


Anyone with the generated URL will be able to play in a full screen mode, or edit your game! They'll also be able to download it onto their own Arcade if they have one.


This page supports oEmbed and other various embedding options.

Save into an image

Click the disk icon will save your code into a PNG image. You can import the image back or simply drag and drop it into the editor to reload the code.


The image below contains the falling duck game.

You will literally want to download the image itself - its a polyglot file that contains data within its pixels!

Downloaded .UF2 files

Downloaded .uf2 files also contain the game code. You can import them or drag and drop them into the editor to reload the code.

GitHub repo

You can also use GitHub repositories to store and share your code. This is particularily useful if you end up building a lot of code or if you want to share an extension with other users. Read all about getting started with GitHub at .

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