This guide will show you how to build a MakeCode Arcade from a Raspberry Pi Zero or Pi 3A+. If you are looking for Adafruit M4 boards, try this guide.

Raspberry Pi Zero setup

  • a Raspberry Pi Zero (we won't be using WiFi, but it's fine to buy the Pi Zero W if you want)
  • a HDMI to mini-HDMI cable or converter
  • a microUSB cable
  • a micro SD card (capacity and speed don't matter much)

If you want to get all in a single kit, get the budget packet. If you don't feel like soldering, get the Pi with headers.

1 x Raspberry Pi Zero W Budget Pack - Includes Pi Zero W
All you need on the Raspberry Pi Zero side
1 x Raspberry Pi Zero - Version 1.3
For the experts, add headers, power cables, HDMI cables and converters as needed!

Raspberry Pi 3A+ setup

You can use Pi 3A+ instead of Pi Zero. It always comes with headers and you don't need a HDMI to mini-HDMI cable. On the other hand, you will need USB-A to USB-A cable.


MakeCode Arcade uses 7 buttons. There are many options for buttons:

  • Adafruit Joy Bonnet and likely a plastic case for Pi Zero
  • Arcade Cabinet
  • random buttons and joystick that you wire up together

You can also get Joy Bonnect Pack with Pi Zero which includes many of the components.

1 x Adafruit Joy Bonnet for Raspberry Pi
(optional) Easy pluggable buttons!
1 x Raspberry Pi Arcade Cabinet Pack
Can't beat the feeling of real arcade buttons
1 x Arcade Button - 30mm Translucent Blue
Just one of the many available buttons!

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