If your SD card comes with files on it, delete them, or just format the SD card as FAT32. Then download the ZIP file below, unzip it, and copy all files to the root directory of the SD card.

After this, there should for example file named 9.0.3.gz in right in the root folder of the SD card. There should not be an arcade folder on the SD card. The ZIP below above contains binaries built from .

Joy Bonnet

If you're using the Joy Bonnet, then congratulations, you're done!

Just connect the Pi using HDMI cable to a screen, and using the MicroUSB cable to the computer. After a few seconds you should see a menu much like the one below. Move to the next section to download games to your Arcade.

Custom Inputs

If you want to use a big joystick and buttons, it's quite easy! All you have to do is to tell your Pi where the buttons are connected. This is done by editing arcade.cfg file on the SD card.

If you have the Arcade Cabinet Pack, follow the assembly guide. If you plug in the buttons the way it's described in there, you will need the following in the arcade.cfg file:


Feel free to connect them differently, just follow these instructions and update the file with the right GPIO numbers.

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