You may have one of two types of stepper motors, unipolar or bipolar. Here is how you wire them up:

A four-wire stepper indicates a bipolar stepper motor.


Wire the four wires to the Motor blocks on the Crickit in the order shown at the left.


For this type of stepper, none of the wires connect to the central Motor terminal marked GND (ground).

If you have one of the steppers with a blue plastic end and five rainbow colors, this is a unipolar stepper motor. They are readily available at reasonable prices. Be sure it is a 5 volt stepper. A common part number on the unit is 28BYJ-48 5VDC.


The data sheet shows the red wire to 5V but it can also go to GND, the pin between the two Motor groups. Be sure the colors are wired in the exact order or it will not step.

If you are connecting a unipolar stepper to the Drive port, use the wiring shown to the left. Follow the color connections carefully. On the Motor block, red was connected to GND. On the Drive block, red is connected to 5V. All is good with the wiring shown.

Wiring for the Crickit for Circuit Playground Express, Crickit Wing for Feather, Crickit HAT and Crickit for micro:bit are identical.

The Crickit drives up to two stepper motors via the Motor and/or the Drive connections. 

For simplicity, if you have a choice, consider connecting your stepper motor to the Motor port connectors. Ensure the colors match the diagram above for the type of stepper you have and it's best to have a 5 volt stepper. 

If you want to use CircuitPython, skip down the page to that section.

The MakeCode blocks to control a unipolar/bipolar stepper on the Motor port is DIFFERENT from the block used to control a unipolar stepper on the Drive port. Be sure you use the correct block depending on the block you are wiring the stepper motor to.

Please see the following pages on how to program stepper motors on Crickit in either Microsoft MakeCode or CircuitPython.

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