MakeCode for a Continuous Servo Motor

You can learn the basics of Microsoft MakeCode here.

You will need the Crickit block extensions installed. See this guide on doing so.

With Crickit support in MakeCode, you should have a green CRICKIT block group available. Clicking on that group pops out various blocks for Crickit capabilities including those related to servo control as shown below.

Be sure you use the Servo blocks under the CRICKIT group and NOT the Servo blocks under the PINS block group!

For continuous servos, we will only use the middle (second) block called crickit continuous servo 1 run at 50%

Running the Continuous Servo Like a Continuous DC Motor

Here is a simple MakeCode program that will run one servo connected to Servo 1 (as shown at the top right of this page) at full speed (100%):

Running Two Continuous Servos on a Chassis

For two continuous servos back to back on a robot chassis, run them forward at full speed by running Servo 1 at 100% and Servo 2 at -100% for 2 seconds then stop:

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