Adafruit's basic tutorial for monitoring soil moisture is in this guide.

This page expands that project to log plant data to a spreadsheet. It includes the soil moisture level as measured in the soil moisture tutorial via a capacitive touch pad connected to a piece of metal in the soil of the plant. Measuring the temperature and light levels gives a complete picture of the plant's progress.

The Code

The CircuitPython code is the same as the previous example with these changes:

  • The soil moisture is read on a capacitive touch pad connected to a nail in the soil
  • The moisture data is a fourth column in the spreadsheet.

Here is the code:


Here I used Microsoft Excel to hold the data this time. The time units were from 613 to 698 seconds after the board was powered. That forms the x-axis values. The plots are the light (varies the most), temperature and soil moisture (which usually don't vary much over a few minutes).


This code provides a complete plant monitoring solution. You can monitor the light and temperature and how moist the soil is over time.

The code could be expanded to possibly self-water. You would need a soil moisture value at which you consider the soil to be dry. We have found that 1500 is a good baseline that you can use based on the type of plant and it's requirements.

You would check if the moisture was < 1500, then do something that releases a determined amount of water (which again varies by the plant type, pot, etc.) to water the plant appropriately. 

This guide was first published on Aug 14, 2018. It was last updated on Nov 27, 2023.

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