OK you are so close to done! Next up we will use the Fritzing Part Editor to really clean it up and fix everything.

In your Documents/Fritzing/parts folder is where the Fritzing App stores all your custom parts.

To make it easy and clean to handle revisions we suggest deleting everything in this folder (make a backup) since otherwise you may end up with multiple versions of the file you're making and just trust us it gets very confusing.

Copy over the contrib and svg folders from eagle2fritzing/brd2svg/FritzingTest/parts into your Documents/Fritzing/parts folder

Now start up Fritzing, you'll get a complaint about swapping, just ignore it.

Once open, in the Parts pane, search for the part and right click to edit

Breadboard Pin Gender

When you edit the part, the first tab is Breadboard view. It should look very familiar!

What's nice is each signal is already in the right hand pane and as you click on it you'll get information about that signal and a highlight of the SVG element that is the contact point

The contacts should all be in the right place. For breadboarding parts I prefer to set the gender of all the pins to Male - that way they will 'lock' into a solderless breadboard. Go through all the pads and click male for all breadboard pins

For the two SMT pads, you can set the connection type to Pad so it wont lock into a breadboard

There's also the extra mounting hole pads. They're not actually pads but its how we got them to appear in the breadboard view. To fix that...

Removing Extra Connections

You can remove the extra connectors from within the Connectors tab. Scroll to the bottom and carefully remove the correct connections!

PCB View Review

You can now go through PCB view, check every connection and make sure they go to the right pad. If they're wrong use the Select Graphic button next to the connection in the Connector List to click on the SVG element that is the connection for that signal.

Note that the OUT- and OUT+ end up as pads on the PCB, not sure there's a way around this in order to keep the schematic and breadboard view connections. Fritzing isn't a hardcore CAD package, tradeoffs abound!

Schematic View Review

You can also review the Schematic view. Go through each connection in the schematic and verify its correct

One thing I've noticed if you've made hand edits to the schematic SVG (and even if you haven't) it's nice to select the terminal point for each connection

  • For all the connections on the right side use East
  • For all the connections on the left side use West
  • For all the connections on the top side use North
  • For all the connections on the bottom side use South

This will make wires that connect to the terminals come out of the end of the pin for a nice look!


Finally, put in the meta data for the part, including a description, URL, part number, etc!

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