Once PCB view is in a good spot you can check the schematic svg. It is in FritzingTest\parts\svg\contrib\schematic

You'll notice that the svg converter is smart enough to make pins for all the through hole pads but did not create pins for the SMT motor pins

You can add 'missing' connectors easily. Go to params file again to find the two pads that are used for the motor:

Cut these lines and place them in the group above, in the <left> xml group, that will put the pins on the left side.

Now is also a good time to rearrange the pin orders if you want them to appear in the schematic in a certain location or order

If you have multiple connectors with the same signal (e.g. GND) then the one with the LOWEST id='nn' number is the one that will appear

Rerun the tool to regen the schematic

You can hand edit the schematic and move around pins, but you'll need to reassign the pins later, just keep eveything on a 0.1" boundary to keep with convention. Since Fritzing isn't known as a hardcore schematic capture program we don't spend a ton of time on it.

You can edit the name/labels of the pins easily. Just make a backup because you'll rerun the tool to get breadboard view right, which will overwrite your changes! We find it a lot easier to update the signal names directly in EagleCAD, that way you aren't editing signal names in multiple SVGs

Once you have your Schematic SVG in a good spot its a great idea to make a backup. Rerunning the brd2svg tool will OVERWRITE the file! Ideally you would not have to do any edits to the Schematic file once params is set

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