Fritzing PCB SVGs are very finicky about having the components in the right groups and right group names. Don't ungroup parts, instead try to edit/enter the group to keep the part and group names the same. Breadboard and Schematic are not picky, you can ungroup without issue

We suggest working 'backwards' - getting PCB view to be exactly the way you like, then working back to the breadboard view.

Open the PCB view SVG in the FritzingTest/parts/svg/contrib/pcb

It'll look a little like:

Since the lines are in white, you will want to change the background color. Open up the Document details with Control-Shift-D

Select Background Color and change it to black

To see all the outlines:

I would like the mounting holes to appear. To do that, you'll need to edit the part parameters and re-run the tool.

Edit FritzingTest/params/part.params and find the connector that ties to the mounting holes. The holes aren't actually connectors but this is the easiest way to do it

Move those out from the <unused> XML element into a new element you have to create called something like <mnt> (it can be anything really)

Save the params file and rerun the tool. It's also good to make a backup in case!

Mounting holes will appear

Editing the silkscreen is a little more advanced and isn't covered here. Basically make sure that all the silkscreen is in a group with id=silkscreen It's best to use the XML editor, use Shift-Ctrl-X to bring it up

Once you have your PCB SVG in a good spot its a great idea to make a backup. Rerunning the brd2svg tool will OVERWRITE the file! Ideally you would not have to do any edits to the PCB file once params is set

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