Now you are ready for the real fun - creating the breadboard view!

Open up the SVG in FritzingTest\parts\svg\contrib\breadboard

There's a large number of Things That Can Go Wrong. We'll cover as much as we can but you may have to do some of your own experimentation. You'll almost certainly need to do cleanup, but it wont be too bad!

Missing Subparts

First thing you'll possibly deal with is missing sub-parts:

You can look at the output of brd2svg to see which parts were found and which were not

In this case, psop10 is the package that was not found. All the sub-components for your design are stored in eagle2fritzing\subparts

Not surprisingly, they are also all SVG! You can see in this example that we have an msop08 which is similar to a psop10 but not quite.

Lets create a new part. You can adjust an old part or start from scratch in Inkscape

You can sometimes recycle subparts from other drawn Fritzing objects, check your Fritzing/parts/svg/core/breadboard (in the install folder) for core items that may have SVGs you can split apart for chips, capacitors, connectors and more!

Create a new SubPart with Inkscape

Start by opening up the Document settings (Ctrl-Shift-D) and setting the default units to mm (or inches on the off chance you have an inches-based part)

Check the datasheet for a diagram, which is handy even if you can't directly use it since it has all the measurements.

In this case we see the body is 3mm wide by about 5mm tall, set the size of the document to that size!

You can also open up the datasheet in Inkscape (forward it to the right page) and see if you can extract the diagram. This usually doesnt quite work but it can sometimes help to trace out the part

Anyways, do what you need to in order to draw the part in perfect scale!

And save it in subparts/breadboard

Rerun the tool, it will have found that part (if not check spelling and that you put it in the right location!)

Moving Subparts

Often times the exact center isn't lined up. However it's very easy to fix.

Do this after all subparts are found or alias'd since rerunning the tool will overwrite your breadboard.svg!

Ungroup the object

And move or remove anything you want

PCB Color

This is an easy one, but don't forget to change your PCB main polygon to the color you want

Save a backup once you have made your breadboard image the way you like! Rerunning the tool will regenerate the file and you'll lose all changes

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