Rename file before conversion!

The text inside of the schematic view will match the file name, you can edit this later in Inkscape but its nicer to do it beforehand so rename it to something nice like 'Adafruit Flora Bluefruit' (no revision number, etc)

Remove pin numbers

For some reason sometimes schematic view has pin/id numbers on the schematic. You can ungroup and just remove these

Rename Signals in Eagle

Instead of changing the names of signals in Inkscape/Fritzing you can just do it in EagleCAD

Ideally, rename signals so that they match what the silkscreen says

Rearrange pins in schematic

After you run the generator once, you will create a params file in FritzingTest/params - its a text file, just open with any text editor. This is the file that is used to create the schematic and such. Once it is generated, you can edit it. This is good for rearranging pins in the schematic. Say if you want to make all the inputs on the left, and the outputs on the right, find the <left></left> and <right></right> section. Each line indicates a signal, you can copy and paste to move signals from side to side. You can also move pins up to the top (<power></power>) or bottom (<ground><ground>

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