Once that step is all set though, it’s time to assemble the globe!

With your glued item and base at the ready, balance the globe portion with the opening up so that you can begin adding the distilled water. To account for the displacement from your item, I recommend filling the globe about halfway and then putting the base in to see how it affects the water level so that you don’t accidentally overfill. I would also test again before going for the final fit.

When you have a good water level, add the glycerin and glitter. The glycerin adds some thickness to the water that allows the glitter to float a bit better and give the snow globe that dreamy effect. I added about a ½ tsp of glycerin and a few shakes of glitter. Proportions aren’t especially important here though since you can mix to taste but what I did should give you a good baseline. I recommend mixing the water, glycerin and glitter together before the next steps.

After your water concoction is mixed, it’s time for the moment of truth: inserting the base! Squeeze a thin layer of E6000 glue around the sides of the base so that a seal is created for the globe. Then, push the base in slowly, making sure that you’re getting a tight fit. With the globe still upside down, place another line of E6000 glue, this time around the top of the seal to block any possible leaks. This should be left to dry for a few hours, but that time will be worth it if it means no wet electronics.

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