Although people may have mixed feelings about snow, I think we can all agree that snow globes are pretty sweet. You can make one that’s even sweeter than the average globe using a Circuit Playground Express board and MakeCode to have a musical NeoPixel orb of holiday fun!

The Circuit Playground Express is a great board for this project since it has so many modules that you can control without any extra wiring. It’s also the perfect form factor to hide away snuggly in the base of your snow globe along with a battery to keep the fun powered on.

You can write code to easily control these modules with MakeCode, a visual coding app from Microsoft. MakeCode uses drag and drop blocks, like Scratch, to code rather than typing in a coding language. Of course, you can also use JavaScript with MakeCode as well if you really want to give your keyboard a workout.

The following product is a complete kit with the Circuit Playground Express, battery, charger, and globe:

Snow globe with sparkly flakes swirling around, a ring of RGB LEDs in the base animate in a rainbow swirl.
Light up the winter nights this year with an electronic Snow Globe! This kit provides everything you need to make your very own, no soldering required! You can use...
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If you just need some of these parts, they are listed separately below. You do not need to buy the kit above and the items below.

1 x Circuit Playground Express
Electronics for the project
1 x DIY Snow Globe - 108mm Diameter
Durable, clear and round, with a large flat screw-on top and a press-fit rubber stopper.
1 x Lithium Ion Polymer Battery - 3.7v 500mAh
Battery to power the Circuit Playground Express
1 x Adafruit Micro Lipo - USB LiIon/LiPoly charger
Charges Adafruit LiPo batteries via USB

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